Chastain Park, GA Homes for Sale

The Chastain Park (30327, 30342) neighborhood is a beautiful area surrounding the largest park in Atlanta, on the northern boundary of the city. The land was originally occupied by Creek Indians near Nancy Creek. In 1840, the land was acquired by DeKalb County, whose boundaries were very different then. In 1900, Fulton County bought the land to build a home for poor people. In 1940, Fulton County announced plans to build a residential area and close the old facility. Fulton County Commissioner, Troy Chastain, secured help from the Works Progress Administration federal program to build the North Fulton neighborhood and park. It was named for Chastain after his death in 1944. The Atlanta city limits expanded to include this area in the mid 1950’s. The park features a unique performance amphitheater, as well as a pool, golf course and horse trails.

Homes in the Chastain Park neighborhood range from 3 to 5 bedrooms and have a more uniform architectural style, dating mostly to the 1950s and 1960s. The zip code for the area, 30327, has household income which is the 9th wealthiest in the nation. The park sets a great tone for a wide range of fitness and outdoor activities. The forested neighborhood and mostly curving streets make Chastain Park a beautiful spot to live and play.